LEASE APPLICATION CRITERIA FOR ALL APPLICANTS                                              

Amended: September 1st, 2019


1 Applicant(s) must be of legal age (18) eighteen and have no felony convictions. 


2 Applicant(s) must meet posted income requirements. This must be verifiable. 

  • 2BR-1BA / Rent $775 per mo. / INCOME REQUIRED PER WEEK = $530.00 
  • 2BR-2BA / Rent $795 per mo. / INCOME REQUIRED PER WEEK = $545.00 
  • 1BR-1BA / Rent $700 per mo. / INCOME REQUIRED PER WEEK = $475.00

Each Applicant(s) must meet income guidelines individually unless married. 

Applicant(s) Must have good credit with a credit score of at least 675 to qualify for a $250.00 Security Deposit .If credit score is less than 675 then additional deposit will be required. This amount could equal one (1) months rent. 


3 Employment must be at least six (6) months with the same employer or have other verifiable previous employment of at least six (6) months.  


4 Applicant must have lived at his/her present address for a minimum of at least six (6) months and have no evictions against him/her. This will be verified.


5 Applicant understands that several forms of verification will be used to determine their eligibility to live on this property. 


6 Number of  occupants: Four (4) Adults in a two (2) Bedroom Apartment  


7 Pets: We allow medium size cats and dogs for an additional $25.00 non- refunded monthly fee.( NO Pit-bull, German Shepherds, or Rottweilers allowed.) 


8 First months rent payment must be paid in cash, cashiers check or money order or Credit card. 


9 Applicant understands that in addition to the above listed rent there is a monthly FLAT RATE FEE of $ 50.00 for water.